Responder Knowledge Base Redesigns Training and Education Headquarters

United States - The Responder Knowledge Base (RKB), was developed to provide first responders with a trusted, comprehensive online source of information. This no-cost to the user web site, funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, provides responders with vital information related to equipment, training and education, standards, certifications, grants, publications, and safety notices.

Due to the interest and feedback from the responder community regarding training and education opportunities, the Training & Education section was redesigned and relocated on the web site, to maximize its’ ability to provide information in an easy-to-navigate format. Access to the Training & Education section is now located on the gray task bar at the top of the RKB Homepage. The section provides first responders with the opportunity of maintaining and enhancing their knowledge base in order to meet the ever demanding needs of their career.

The re-structuring helps users search for training by discipline, methods, and/or cost. The Training & Education search field allows users to locate training opportunities through the use of specific keywords. By selecting a discipline from the drop-down menu, users will be able to view all training and education opportunities available for that specific discipline. To the left of the page, users will see a navigation tree that allows users to search for training by method and/or cost. Users can select from 11 options, which range from classroom to video training. For instance, if a responder is interested in law enforcement training, he or she should select that field in the discipline drop-down menu. A search for law enforcement training yields over 706 various results and if the user wants to narrow the search to suit their specific needs, they may click on methods in the left column.

If the user is more concerned with cost, rather than training method, under the “cost” link there are two choices: fee-based and free. To visually identify cost options the RKB has included icons on training records to communicate whether training is free or fee-based; either signified by a free icon or a fee-based icon . Clicking on a specific training record will direct the users to detailed information about the training including a description, the training provider, and a web link for additional information. In addition, to the right of each record, users will see a Knowlegde Link section, which indicates that there is related information, such as grants or publications, that are stored within the RKB that will also be of assistance to the user.

The RKB also presents information regarding degree programs that are offered by universities and technical schools throughout the United States. First responders will find information about degree programs such as: Emergency Management, Public Safety, Domestic Security, Disaster Sciences/Management, Homeland Security, Fire Science/Technology, Law Enforcement, and Rescue Science Technology. At this time, the RKB is the only web site that offers a comprehensive listing of emergency-response related degree programs. Users also have the option to search for education programs by state, which enables the user to find the information they need in a convenient format. Each record contains the type of degree offered, the field of study, and whether the program is offered in an online format. Users will also find a description of the program, as well as a web link redirecting the user to the actual program on the institution’s website.

The RKB staff consistently reviews training and education sites across the internet to provide an inclusive and comprehensive resource to the responder community. The varied nature of emergency response would otherwise make such searches difficult, if not impossible for many responders. The RKB was created with the concept in mind that if a responder has time to only visit one online site a day, the Responder Knowledge Base should be the site to visit. Visit the RKB, sign up for a free account, and see what over 80,000 users already know to be true. The RKB is an invaluable tool for responders in their search for current industry news, information, and training.

About The Responder Knowledge Base
The Responder Knowledge Base (RKB) is a national information resource for emergency responders, funded by the FEMA National Preparedness Directorate. The RKB Mission is to "provide emergency responders, purchasers, and planners with a trusted, integrated, online source of information on products, standards, certifications, grants, and other equipment-related information." The RKB has been serving the responder community online since October 2003. For additional assistance or feedback, please contact the RKB Help Desk via e-mail at, by phone at 1-877-336-2752, visit and 'Like' the official Facebook page.

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