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SABRE Chemical Aerosol Projector Instructor

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Location: Richmond Police Training Academy –
1202 W. Graham Road – Richmond, VA 23220

Cost: $150.00

Date: September 5, 2007

Times: 8:00am to 6:00pm

POC: Sgt. William V. Blackwell


Phone: 804-646-6135

This 1-day (10 hour) Agency Basic Instructor level certification program was designed for agencies to train and certify departmental Instructors in a complete use of force continuum program focusing on the Deploying, Handling, and Documenting the use of Chemical Aerosols, to include the medical issues and legal liability specifically designed for law enforcement, and corrections. This course will enhance the instructor’s development in the use and training of aerosols tactics, and to protect departments from costly litigation issues that could arise from the use of these types of encounters. This program addresses and focuses on the entire use of force continuum with addressing Empty Hand Defense and Transitions to the Aerosols, Ground Stabilization Tactics, and Tactics for surviving an Aerosol Attack, introducing new partner drills for the safe and effective deployment of these devices that are compatible with any SABRE aerosol deployment system. We will also address a more comprehensive and user-friendly approach with techniques for training officers and other staff personnel, and officer survival related issues and topics. This course fully addresses all aspects of using Chemical Aerosol Projectors. This certification is valid for three calendar years from successfully completing this course.

• Oleoresin Capsicum Formulations / Carriers
• Projectors / Propellants / Delivery Systems
• Effectiveness / Safety / Liability Factors
• Criteria for Selection
• Operational Guidelines / Practical Exercises
• Decontamination / First Aid
• Officer Survival Techniques
• Criminal and Civil Liabilities
• Sample Policy and Procedures
• Instructor Development
• Inter-graded Use of Force Options
• Deployment Methods
• Tactics for Surviving an OC Attack
• Contamination Exercises