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Police Innovations, LLC introduces SPAR Prisoner Restraint Chair

After working many years in Law Enforcement handling dangerous and passive prisoners alike, the concerns for potential officer injury, prisoner injury, assaults by prisoners, dangerous positioning, prisoner leverage, prisoner complaints, limited office space, limited manpower and time concerns in handling prisoners ignited an idea which demanded a very simple solution.

Created by Police Innovations, LLC, The SPAR (Supplemental Prisoner Adjustable Restraint) is a patented stationary prisoner restraint device that is ideal for police departments, booking areas, detention centers, cell blocks, prisoner processing centers, prison intakes, courtroom facilities, or any other venue where a prisoner needs to be safely secured.

Some of the potential combined benefits to making this a perfect temporary restraint chair in your facility as opposed to conventional prisoner benches and restraint chairs include:

  • Increased efficiency in handling prisoners
  • Reduced time in handling prisoners-fast application
  • Less manpower needed for application
  • Keeps officers in a position of advantage
  • Does not interfere with circulation or normal respiration
  • Reduced chance of injury to officers AND prisoners
  • Reduced Workers’ Compensation claims
  • Reduced overtime pay related to officer injuries
  • Eliminated confusion during application
  • Simple installation
  • Space friendly
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Excellent replacement of complicated restraint chairs and open benches
  • Economical
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The video prototype has evolved dramatically over the past two years. Some of the improvements since the video concept model was made, include: restructuring the pedestal and seat angles for ergonomics and reduced leverage position, padded side bars (eliminating the solid side seat well), enlarged seat backing, and an added connection ring for leg shackles (to minimize kicking and also to control the prisoner upon removal from the unit). The backs of the new units come in one piece with no seams. “Soft” edges and round corners have been machined into the product. Each unit is powder coated, and padding is made from high grade vinyl, making the units simple to clean and maintain.

The SPAR Introductory price is $1249.00 per unit, all ready for installation and use out of the box. Included are all necessary documents to establish instruction, policy and use of the SPAR. The latest version of the SPAR can be viewed on Police Innovations, LLC webpage.

About Police Innovations, LLC
Founded in 2012, Police Innovations, LLC is operated by veteran police officers with years of training and experience in the Law Enforcement field. For additional information about the SPAR, visit their official website or contact (610) 678-6011.

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