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Drug and contraband detection in inmate mail (white paper)

Innovations in T-ray technology allow CO staff to detect the smallest, hardest-to-find drugs and contraband that X-ray and other screening techniques can’t find

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Virtually every prison, jail and correctional facility is experiencing a high influx of illicit drugs and contraband smuggled through their postal mail.

At the heart of the issue is the fact that conventional screening technologies and techniques simply aren’t effective at detecting the types of mail-based threats corrections facilities face. Criminals are increasingly innovative in their attempt to stay a step ahead of law enforcement and bypass traditional detection methods. Ultimately, this contributes to substantial safety risk for inmates, officers and corrections staff.

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  • Why screening inbound mail is so difficult.
  • Why conventional mail-screening approaches can’t keep up with the problem.
  • A simple and effective screening solution that finds the smallest and hardest to find substances while reducing screening time, eliminating the risk of drug exposure and maintaining inmate’s privacy rights.

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