Former corrections officer jailed in same facility he worked after providing inmate with cellphone

After the cellphone was discovered in the inmate’s cell, the former officer confessed to helping furnish the item for money

By Ashley Silver

COLLIN COUNTY, Texas ― A Texas corrections officer has been arrested and jailed at the same facility he formerly worked after admitting to furnishing an inmate with a cellphone in exchange for money.

FOX 4 News reports after the cellphone and charger were discovered during a shake down in the inmate’s cell, former officer Tyler Moody confessed to providing the items.

The Collin County Sheriff's Office released video of a conversation between Moody and Sheriff Jim Skinner after he confessed.

"You're fired. You're no longer an employee here," Sheriff Skinner can be heard stating in the video provided by FOX 4. "You've betrayed the trust of every citizen we have the privilege to serve."

Moody was arrested and charged with a third-degree felony for bringing prohibited substances and items in a correctional or civil commitment facility, according to FOX 4.

Sheriff Skinner told the media platform there may be additional arrests. An investigation is still ongoing to uncover who Moody and the inmate were working with outside the jail to help acquire the phone.

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