Guilty Ind. inmates to be charged $30 a day while in jail

A sheriff wants to take the burden off of taxpayers and put it in the hands of the inmates

By Corrections1 Staff

FRANKFORT, Ind. — Convicted inmates at an Indiana jail will soon be charged for staying there.

According to Local 12, Clinton County Sheriff Rich Kelly proposed that inmates found guilty of a felony or misdemeanor will be charged up to $30 per day to stay in his jail. County commissioners just passed an ordinance to make the idea a reality.

Kelly believes that taxpayers contribute roughly $4 million to his office every year that goes to maintenance and food. He hopes that this change will place the burden on criminals and less on taxpayers.

The per diem will start after the first 72 hours an inmate is jailed. If an inmate stays at the jail for a year, they could owe $10,860. Kelly says most sentences are much shorter.

"If it deterred one person from making a bad decision then it is worth it to me," Kelly said.

Kelly says only people who make more than twice the federal poverty level will be charged.

"As far as them incurring debt, that’s a responsibility that every adult has. We all incur debt," he said.

The sheriff believes they’ll begin the program in August and will evaluate it a year from now to see if it’s beneficial.

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