Video: Minn. inmates save suicidal prisoner with laundry cart

One of the inmates grabbed a laundry cart when he saw the inmate ready to jump from a second-floor cellblock

By Corrections1 Staff

ST. PAUL, Minn. ‒ Three inmates are being called heroes after they helped save a fellow inmate who attempted to kill himself on Wednesday.

According to FOX 9, an inmate climbed out to a ledge of a 25-foot, second-floor cellblock and threatened to jump.

Deonte Blackwell, an inmate and custodian in the jail, quickly came up with the idea to break the man’s fall with a laundry cart. Inmates Austin Dirkx and Rodolfo Delangel also came to the inmate’s aid, trying to convince him not to jump.

The inmate ignored their pleas and jumped from the second-story ledge. Luckily, the hamper Blackwell brought was full of towels and cushioned the inmate’s fall. He only suffered a twisted ankle.

“We are not judged by whether or not we are in here, but what’s in our heart,” Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher told the men.

All three men are expected to get out of jail next month. Fletcher said he would probably put some extra money in the commissary for them.

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