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Tyson Howard

On Probation and Parole

Tyson Howard is a probation/parole officer with the 4th Judicial District Department of Correctional Services in Iowa, assigned to the High Risk Unit. He is a current member and coordinator for the Iowa Law Enforcement Intelligence Network and a member of the Iowa Narcotics Officer Association. Previously, he held the rank of officer and then sergeant with the Centerville (IA) Police Department for 6½ years. In addition, he was assigned to the South Central Iowa Drug Task Force Special Operations Group for 5 years. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Buena Vista University.

Home visits are fluid, so officers need to be able to adapt and quickly shift gears to prioritize their safety
While training, equipment carried and policies vary widely in probation/parole work, officer safety remains the priority
By the time offenders reach our case load, they are already carrying a significant debt load from fines, courts costs, traffic tickets and victim restitution
If correctional facilities maintain business as usual, agencies will struggle to find the next generation of COs
While GPS units can help monitor offenders, probation and parole officers must use them in conjunction with other supervision methods
Probation and parole officers must balance the needs of sex offenders with community safety
Parole officers and corrections officers can play a vital role in solving cases
A thorough investigation will set a positive tone for the probation or parole case