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Probation and Parole

The Probation and Parole topic addresses the vital role parole officers play in intelligence gathering, how officers can prioritize safety on home visits, how GPS units can enhance offender monitoring and report writing best practices.

AI’s strategic role in streamlining processes and optimizing resources
David Berkowitz, who killed six people in the 1970s, sent taunting notes to police, calling himself “Son of Sam” and said he received demonic messages to kill
Stephanie Lazarus, a 25-year veteran detective, was arrested in 2009 for a 1986 murder after DNA from a bite mark on the victim linked Lazarus to the victim’s death
Exploring how technology and personalized coaching methods can revamp corrections systems, reduce recidivism, and improve safety for correctional officers and inmates alike
“I’ve decided to drop my appeals and have my sentence carried out… I was fairly tried and convicted. I agreed with the court’s decision,” the inmate said
In a February memo, the probation department announced plans to redeploy 250 field officers on 60-day rotations to Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall and the Barry J. Nidorf Secure Youth Treatment Facility
These individuals are a valuable source of information for your case file
“I’m most excited about applications designed to support those on supervision and improve outcomes.”
By identifying patterns and making data-driven predictions, technology can help in assessing the risk factors associated with each offender
Effective communication is critical in any setting, but it becomes even more significant within the context of the criminal justice system, where people’s lives and futures are at stake
Some of the proposed legislation would make all state prisoners serve 85% of their sentences before they’re eligible for early release as a reward for good behavior
The court’s opinion cited developmental differences between adults and children and their differing capacities for rehabilitation
Starting in July, a new citizen panel will decide which inmates serving life sentences are released and which stay in prison
Understanding the role of personal appearance in officer safety
A probation officer’s credibility is judged by the quality of their field visit documentation
Union highlights significant wage gap for “under-appreciated, undervalued and misunderstood” probation officers compared to NYPD, correction staff
Gypsy Rose Blanchard was released early in the day from the Chillicothe Correctional Center; she was granted parole after serving 85% of her sentence
This may be the year of correctional burnout
Is a warrantless search of a probationer’s cellphone permissible? The appellate court decides in a recent case
Tracking data from pretrial to release leads to better outcomes for supervisory agencies, probationers and parolees
David Edwards of the Missouri Department of Corrections shines a light on how data can catalyze innovation and empathy
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Fostering successful offender reintegration amid the challenges of accurate risk prediction
Two Delaware Department of Corrections and Parole Officers visited the students to explain training requirements and career opportunities
Aligning with high-demand jobs, the initiative carves a new pathway for post-incarceration job and life stability
Blueface, 26, pled guilty to a shooting that grazed a man’s hand and won’t serve any jail time unless he violates probation
Smartphones allow for new tools and options to be accessed on the phone to assist in reentry and to increase safety and security
“Christine took an oath and that oath was to protect the citizens of the state of Colorado, and she lost her life doing just that,” Corrections Chief Andre Stancil said
County officials say the state’s funding approach will continue to lead to budget shortfalls that limit staff and increase overcrowding