Keeping it simple: Weapons-making exercise

A contraband trick does not have to be elaborate in order to work well

At the beginning of one part of the presentation, I said, “Welcome to weapons making 101.  The chief goal of this is for corrections professionals to learn how easy it is to produce a weapon. This is done to increase safety. This is not intended to help offenders become better weapons makers.”

Recently, I attended the 32nd annual American Jail Association conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was the presenter at an early morning session called “Breaking Ice and Engaging Minds.” I addressed how engaging classroom exercises can benefit corrections training.  Also, I demonstrated five corrections-oriented classroom exercises that I developed for the International Association of Correctional Training Personnel.

One of these exercises was called “Care for a mint?” This is my favorite exercise of all time.  It has been performed in various corrections venues over the years.  I field tested it on Criminal Justice students and have found success each time I facilitate the memorable exercise.

It is pretty simple.  All that is needed is:

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