Go directly to jail: 7 funny mugshot stories

What memorable booking photos can you think of?

By C1 Staff

Booking photos can be a permanent reminder of a terrible or stupid decision; some, however, like to make their photos even more memorable by wearing or doing something ridiculous.

Here are seven of our strangest mugshot stories, from odd shirts that fit the occasion just right, to hairdos that should’ve been hair don’ts. Click on the links for the full stories and better photos, and add any in the comments that you think we missed.

7. Fla. man arrested with ‘Go Directly to Jail’ shirt on

It sounds like this guy was ready to head behind bars, as he wore a green shirt with the Monopoly slogan for his booking photo when he was arrested for possession of marijuana.

6.  Ill. woman’s mugshot displays breast cancer ribbon hairdo

Well, that’s one way to celebrate October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month; this woman, serving a home confinement sentence for driving with a suspended license, definitely wouldn’t have been able to maintain her hairdo inside the big house.

5. Arrestee’s ‘handsome’ mugshot goes viral

After attracting more than 33,000 “likes” on social media, this arrestee’s mugshot will go down in the good books. It’s too bad for him that the lens that caught his good side happened to be a jail camera.

4. Football fan with unique tattoo jailed on drug charge

This man apparently forgot that synthetic marijuana was illegal in Florida, but at least this let us take a long, close look at his unique tattoo. Wonder what prison ink he might go for?

3. Man on trial for murder worried ‘MURDER’ tattoo might hurt his case

Well, this guy might be on to something. This man, charged with killing another in 2011 and leaving the body in a ditch, was hoping to have the tattoo removed before his trial date.

2. Man shows up for mugshot wearing previous mugshot on shirt

A man who served a 48-hour sentence for drunken driving wore something special for his jail booking photo: a T-shirt featuring his mug shot.

1. Woman wearing ‘I Love Crystal Meth’ shirt arrested for meth

There’s nothing quite like job security, or when irony works so perfectly. 

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