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Zohar Zaied

The Correctional Toolbox

Zohar Zaied is a background investigator assigned to the Corrections Division at the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office in Northern California. He served 16 years as a deputy and supervisor at the Mendocino County Jail, including a post in the Gangs and Classification unit and the Home Detention and Work Release programs. His book, “The Corrections Toolbox,” is now available on

You should be working to avoid “us vs them” with other staff in your facility
A professional group of corrections officers will improve the level of cooperation from inmates in their facility.
An apology should clearly project that you know right from wrong, nothing more
Treat departing employees with the respect and dignity that matches their service and you will maintain their loyalty, even as they depart
Take advantage of the moments before an inmate loses control when you have the opportunity to divert that rage
When you take stock of your performance levels and the factors that are affecting them, you can make adjustments where needed
Patience, emotional intelligence and problem-solving are perishable skills, especially when tested daily
Corrections supervisors can support innovation and job satisfaction by being open to ideas from staff
Supervisors have the power to improve retention in corrections with the right attention, attitude
It is possible to practice both vigilance and kindness during interactions you have related to corrections