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Top 6 most bizarre contraband smuggling stories of 2019

Just when you think you’ve seen it all…


By Corrections1 Staff

Inmates and their friends and family will stop at nothing to get contraband into correctional facilities. The way contraband gets smuggled in – and what gets smuggled in – can still be surprising even for the most veteran of COs.

Take a look at our roundup of the six strangest contraband smuggling stories of the year.

1. Woman accused of using T-shirt gun to shoot contraband over prison fence


Photo/ North Fork Correctional Center

An Oklahoma woman launched a package over a fence near a housing unit, causing a lockdown. FULL STORY

2. Fla. police find stolen Rolexes in unexpected place


A Florida woman stole a businessman’s Rolex watches while on a date, then hid them in a cavity on her person. FULL STORY

3. Fla. COs intercept drone carrying contraband from an inmate’s family


A mother and daughter used a drone to drop tobacco and cell phones to the rooftop of an inmate housing unit. FULL STORY

4. Ala. inmates caught making booze from vegetables


The jail stopped serving fruit to prevent exactly what a sheriff discovered brewing in a cell. FULL STORY

5. Meth, $6k found during cavity search of La. woman


Police found meth and money in a plastic bag during a cavity search, and the suspect claimed she had no idea how it got there. FULL STORY

6. Texas inmates leave prison, return repeatedly with booze and phones


Four inmates made trips in and out of prison to buy whiskey and cell phones. They were finally caught on one of their errands. FULL STORY

While many of these stories may make you chuckle, contraband remains one of the biggest security risks in prison, jail and detention facilities. Check out these expert articles to help you in the fight against contraband: