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Top 5 most bizarre contraband smuggling stories of 2020

From Rice Krispies treats to lettuce, contraband hiding places never fail to surprise

Pruno Alameda County.JPG

By Corrections1 Staff

Despite inmate visitation restrictions in 2020 due to the coronavirus, inmates and their friends and family were still able to get contraband into correctional facilities. The way contraband gets smuggled in – and what gets smuggled in – can still be surprising even for the most veteran COs.

Take a look at our roundup of the five strangest contraband smuggling stories of the year.

1. Suboxone strips found in Rice Krispies treats at NY prison

AP236340283009 (1).jpg

AP Photo/Matthew Mead

Snap, crackle, caught.

2. Letters laced with synthetic marijuana mailed to Wis. jail


Some inmates were getting high on children’s drawings laced with synthetic marijuana and mailed to the Rock County Jail, according to a criminal complaint.

3. Drugs hidden in lettuce found at NY prison

lettuce generic

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

That’s one way to eat your vegetables.

4. Hundreds of gallons of pruno found before inmate Super Bowl party in Calif. jail

alameda jail superbowl party.PNG

Alameda County Sheriff’s Office

Inmates in San Francisco were looking to cheer on the home team for the 49ers v. Chiefs game.

5. Contraband-laden drone snags in Miss. prison net


Mississippi Department of Corrections via AP

Special delivery: The drone, which got caught in a net above a prison fence, was carrying marijuana, cigarette lighters and cellphones.

BONUS: Photo of Ohio inmate’s homemade chip wallet goes viral on Facebook

cheetos wallet.jpg

Butler County Sheriff’s Office

“The ingenuity is pretty impressive,” the sheriff’s office shared on Facebook.

While many of these stories may make you chuckle, contraband remains one of the biggest security risks in prison, jail and detention facilities. Check out these expert articles to help you in the fight against contraband: