How to prevent drug-smuggling visitors

During contact visitation, you are on surveillance detail, so stay alert and never become complacent

Drug smuggling by inmate visitors is a nationwide problem in our jails and prisons. Staying on top of strategies to interdict contraband drugs from entering our facilities is a key element in maintaining the safety and security of our facilities.

This news article details how a Sussex Correctional Institution visitor in Delaware was arrested after she attempted to smuggle Suboxone into the facility during a scheduled visit. Inmate Aron McNatt conspired with Teresa Cook to deliver a controlled substance into a correctional facility. Both are being charged with felony offenses in this case.

We read about these situations every week. The visitors who wish to take part in this crime have not received the memorandum that states: “We will find you and we will arrest you!” While correctional officers who work the visitation check-in at our jails and prisons across the country have been doing a great job catching those who contribute to the drug addictions of their inmate friends behind the walls, we can always share training tips to improve contraband detection.

As a reminder, there are several dangers of prison contraband: 

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