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Mike Callahan

The Objectively Reasonable Officer

John Michael Callahan served in law enforcement for 44 years. His career began as a special agent with NCIS. He became an FBI agent and served in the FBI for 30 years, retiring in the position of supervisory special agent/chief division counsel. He taught criminal law/procedure at the FBI Academy. After the FBI, he served as a Massachusetts Deputy Inspector General and is currently a deputy sheriff for Plymouth County, Massachusetts. He is the author of two published books on deadly force and an upcoming book on supervisory and municipal liability in law enforcement.

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The court was also highly critical of an alleged unwritten cost-cutting jail policy that caused delays in sending detainees to the hospital when necessary
Recruiting and operating organized crime gang members and bosses as long-term confidential criminal informants is a dangerous game for law enforcement officers
Court declares surgeon to be a “state actor” subject to federal civil rights law and rejects qualified immunity for her and two prison officials
Court rules that seven months of solitary confinement for an inmate with known mental health issues violated the Eighth Amendment and clearly established law
Sergeant found not liable after breaking inmate’s arm with a baton to end a violent struggle with officers
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Court ruled a jury could find that punching the inmate in the face and applying pressure to her neck, back and legs after her resistance was controlled was excessive
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The Eighth Amendment controls use of force outside prison walls
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The Supreme Court’s Kingsley decision resolved a federal circuit split regarding an “objective reasonableness” standard vs. a “subjective intent” standard
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The Supreme Court has ruled that legality of force directed at convicted prisoners by prison officials must include not only an analysis of the nature and degree of the force used, but also a review of the rationale and purpose for the use of force