Warning issued for COs about possible attacks

The Black Guerilla Family is allegedly seeking revenge for the death of one of their members

By C1 Staff

SAN FRANCISCO — The Federal Bureau of Prisons, Sacramento Intelligence Unit and the FBI’s National Gang Intelligence Center have issued a bulletin to law enforcement, warning of a threat of attacks against officers on the street and in prisons. 

“Black August” began in the 1970s as a month to honor fallen members of the prison gang Black Guerilla Family (BGF), according to ABC7.

One of the most infamous members is Hugo Pinell, who served 46 years in solitary confinement after a rape conviction, killing a corrections officer, and slashing the throats of two other COs during an escape attempt. 

Last summer, 12 days after  Pinell was released from solitary confinement, he was stabbed to death in a prison riot. 

The BGF believes the prison system worked with the Aryan Brotherhood to have Pinell killed, according to the group’s bulletin. 

ABC7 reports an inmate source says BGF has a “2-for-1 kill policy.” BGF is “going to kill correctional officers and Aryan Brotherhood gang members to send a firm message. And the attacks will occur across the country, not just in California.” 

The FBI’s Baltimore office reports “BGF members reportedly discussed how they could ambush law enforcement officers who were parked in alleys or side streets.” 

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