City bands together to raise money for NY CO battling cancer

Tammy Criscone has been a corrections officer in Albany County for 17 years

By C1 Staff

ALBANY, N.Y. — A city came together to raise money for a corrections officer battling a rare type of cancer.

Tammy Criscone went to the doctor in October with what she thought was a sinus infection, News10 reported. Even with treatments, it wouldn’t go away. She went to a primary care unit where they diagnosed her with a rare type of cancer. 

“That kind of puts you in your chair and makes you pull it in for a good thought or two,” Criscone said. “My thought was just – okay, how do you get it out of me and get me back to where I was?”

She’s been in and out of hospitals and has received state of the art treatments, but more costly treatments are to come. 

The city came out Thursday to raise money for Criscone, who has been a corrections officer in Albany County for 17 years. Those who know her say she’s a very giving person, once donating her kidney to a friend.

“We love her, and we care for her,” Sheriff Craig Apple said. “That’s why we owe her. To step up and help her any way we can.”

Criscone said she’s positive about the future.

“This is a whole different fight, but it’s a fight with the same result,” she said. “We are going to win in the end.”


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