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In-Custody Death

The state Commission of Correction ruled the inmate’s death was caused by jail deputies who improperly restrained him and asphyxiated him after tying a “spit mask” around his neck and putting a pillowcase over his head
The public safety director told a committee that most of the 15 jail deaths since 2020 were due to natural causes or overdoses, reflecting the health and substance abuse issues in the detainees’ communities
Though a settlement has been reached, the case isn’t over; the lawsuit will proceed against the Jackson County Jail’s healthcare
The remaining allegations in the lawsuit are made against specific corrections and police officers and include charges such as excessive force, battery, negligence, and failure to intervene
On Nov. 2, two of the six former officers pleaded guilty to a felony conspiracy charge stemming from the fatal incident
The inmate allegedly punched and kicked a man and slammed his head against a toilet because of “the color of his skin,” according to the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office
An autopsy concluded that Stephen Todd Booker, 69, who became a published poet while serving on death row, died of acute fentanyl toxicity
Prisoner Transport
The Franklin County Regional Jail inmate died after she jumped out of the transport vehicle’s window, police said
The report states there was also no captain on duty as a result of a staffing issue that left the Vierno Center eight captains short on the day the inmate died
The community correctional facility had an 11-man road crew picking up trash along the highway when the accident occurred
Recruiting and operating organized crime gang members and bosses as long-term confidential criminal informants is a dangerous game for law enforcement officers
The COs tasked with guarding Epstein were working overtime. One was working a fifth straight day of overtime. The other was working mandatory overtime
Both the CO and nurse were charged with violating the man’s civil rights “by showing deliberate indifference to serious medical needs, resulting in his death”
Last year, 18 inmates died while in the custody of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, double the average number of jail deaths
Epstein was agitated and unable to sleep, jail officials observed in newly obtained records. He complained he was struggling to adapt to life behind bars
Under the now-rescinded practice, the DOC would release the name of any city inmate who died, along with basic details like date, time and place of death
Anthony Mitchell died of hypothermia after spending two weeks in a jail during a mental health break
Micky Ray Cage’s death is under investigation. He had been on death row for about 20 years
The payout over Holly Barlow-Austin’s death after being held at a jail operated by LaSalle Corrections is among the largest public settlements of its kind
The officers pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of willful neglect of duty and were sentenced to 100 hours of community service and fined $1,000
Police said the killer used a makeshift knife in a prison shower attack, leaving behind a gruesome scene
Sarasota County Jail staff attempted to revive the wounded inmate, but he was pronounced dead
The Fulton County sheriff said the three members of his executive team had more than 65 years of collective experience in law enforcement and running a jail
The announcement came after the family of Lashawn Thompson, 35, who was found covered in bed bugs after he died inside the jail last year, called for an investigation
“The pervasive issue of insufficient or inadequate rounding and supervision was present in five of the seven deaths,” the Board of Correction said
Anthony Mitchell died of hypothermia after spending two weeks in a jail during a mental health break
A judge gave the CO a sentence nearly one-quarter the length of the 20 years handed to two other COs involved in the incident
Todd Sheffler said he accepted responsibility “for what I did or didn’t do” that caused the inmate’s death