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Addressing corruption in corrections

Perhaps the most common form of corruption in prisons is the smuggling in of contraband

Despite extensive screening of new employees, corruption continues to be a prevalent problem among correctional staff. Corruption can stem from employees at all levels, from officers to administrators. Perhaps the most common form of corruption in prisons is the smuggling in of contraband.

Dr. Michael Pittaro, a criminal justice faculty member at American Military University, discusses what tempts employees to engage in such activities and who might be susceptible. Learn more about the issue in the video below.

For more information on identifying and preventing corruption in corrections, check out the resources below:

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“Officer Motley was a hero who tragically died while protecting his fellow officers and the public,” the Texas Department of Criminal Justice said
As they arrived for evening shift change, all employees at prisons across South Carolina were stopped and their cars were searched for contraband
The CO was beaten from behind by an inmate who manipulated his cell door lock
Multiple inmates started a fire by igniting bed sheets; the situation then turned into a riot as the inmates also armed themselves with blunt objects, Richland County deputies said