Canadian CO revives inmate after alleged fentanyl overdose

Due to an increase in fentanyl smuggling, all Manitoba facilities received a kit that includes respirator masks and Narcan

By C1 Staff

HEADINGLEY, Manitoba — A corrections officer revived an inmate who was found unresponsive after an alleged fentanyl overdose Feb. 5. 

According to CBC News, the officer found the inmate unresponsive in a cell at the Headingley Correctional Centre during an evening lockup. 

“The officer saved his life and brought him back,” union president Michelle Gawronsky said. “Kudos to the officer that acted so quickly. Kudos to the justice department in ensuring that the officer was trained in how to use naloxone and had it on his person.”

After the inmate was discovered, COs searched the facility wearing protective suits and respirators, Gawronsky told the publication. 

Authorities are concerned about the increase in fentanyl smuggling seen at Manitoba correctional facilities. 

"The officers aren't saying there is necessarily an increase in drugs being smuggled in,” she said. “Their concern is the type of drugs that could be coming through; Carfentanil and fentanyl. They know an extremely small amount can be deadly.”

The government has increased and updated their opioid overdose response protocols in the nine Manitoba correctional facilities.

Officials said their concern is that only a small amount is needed by users which makes it easier to smuggle in. 

“You could have some on the tip of a pen you are carrying and that would be enough to do some major, major damage that could be fatal for someone,” Gawronsky said. 

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