Tier Talk Podcast: How drugs affect correctional facilities

Anthony Gangi sits down with Joseph Keil to discuss drug issues in correctional facilities

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Let's talk about drug use — the signs that can help COs recognize individuals who are on drugs and the successes and failures of drug rehab programs. 

In our latest installment of Tier Talk, Anthony Gangi sits down with Joseph Keil to discuss these issues and others related to drugs. 

About Joe Keil
Joe Keil is a 29-year veteran of law enforcement and received extensive training through the Drug Evaluation and Classification Program sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration becoming a certified Drug Recognition Expert Instructor.

Keil has trained thousands of law enforcement officers, medical professionals, teachers, and young adults across the United States. In 2000 he taught at the National Sheriff’s Conference in Columbus, Ohio, and has been a keynote speaker at numerous conferences across the country.  

Keil has also written numerous newspaper and magazine articles on drug related issues including drug trends, physiology of the human body and substance abuse, K9s and their usage during traffic stops. Keil is also a published author of the book When Just Say No Doesn’t Work, a comprehensive guide to recognizing substance abuse and Operation RUSH, a guide to criminal patrol.

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