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Here you’ll find podcasts on correction-related topics including incident analysis, training, facility and inmate management and more.

Anthony Gangi sits down with Anthony Colandro and discusses the safe maintenance of your weapon, storage of your weapon and changes that may affect your Second Amendment right to bear arms
Anthony Gangi sits down with Captain Keith Hellwig to discuss the first presidential debate and how it could affect corrections
Anthony Gangi sits with Nebraska Senator Dan Watermeier to discuss safety and security concerns
Prisons and jails are vulnerable targets, so are you doing what you need to do to protect those within?
Anthony Gangi sits down with Joseph Keil to discuss drug issues in correctional facilities
Anthony Gangi sits down with Senator Dave Hansen and discusses what can be done to help corrections move forward in a positive direction
There is an age old question that haunts the field of law enforcement
Are there any tricks that can help you determine if the statement you are reading is false?
If you have any questions relating to probation or parole, this episode has the answers
What are some of the preventive measures you can take to help prevent contraband from entering your facility?
Is the safety of a facility jeopardized when you cut staff strictly on budget concerns?
Host Anthony Gangi sits with Keith Hellwig to discuss morale and The Correctional Challenge
Those who are correctional leaders need to recognize the importance of motivation and the key role it plays in employee morale
It is time that to look into the root of correctional stress and discuss what can be done from the bottom up
On this week’s Tier Talk, Gary Cornelius joins Anthony Gangi to discuss the training that all recruits need to receive