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114 inmates still at large after Brazil prison riot

The inmates escaped after a deadly riot broke out in early January

By C1 Staff

RIO DE JANEIRO — Authorities are still searching for 114 inmates who escaped during a deadly prison riot on Jan. 1.

The BBC reported a total of 184 inmates escaped, but 70 have been brought back into custody.

Inmates escaped from the Anisio Jobim jail and neighbouring Antonio Trinidad prison during a gruesome riot at Anisio Jobim jail. Investigators found the riot was instigated by the Familia do Norte gang and targeted members of First Capital Command.

Officials have sent out 100 federal officers to the Amazonas area to aid in the search.

Anisio Jobim jail Director Jose Carvalho da Silva is currently suspended for allegations that he received bribes from gangs to ignore contraband smuggling. He allegedly allowed inmates to flee the jail for money as well.