10 tips for being a great CO parent

How do you handle being a corrections officer at work, but a parent at home?

We recently asked our Facebook readers, what are some good tips for being a CO parent? We got a landslide of replies, but here are our top 10. If you don't see your tip, feel free to add it in the comments!


Dustin Lawrenson Don't participate in 'Take Your Daughter to Work Day.'

Frank Brookins Leave it at the gate work is work home is home. Remember the majority of convicts are in there because of the abscence of parents

Sean Beach Passwords for my kid. One to be picked up by anyone other than me. One to immediately act like they don't know me and call 9-1-1 to request a police officer to come help. One to just pretend they don't know me and go sit down away from me and wait until I give the all clear signal. Never know when a "client" may pop up and be resentful of daddy's job.

Selina Solivan Carve out time for little 3 - 4 day weekend family camping trips, one big 7 day family vacation for the year and when you have time spend real quality time with them. Whatever your children are passionate about, do it with them. Make it happen. And always, always show affection to them and make sure they know you love them before you go to work or take them to school!! I'm a single mom of a beautiful seven-year-old daughter and I make it happen even when I have to work 16 hour shifts. We go out for breakfast when I get off and talk and then I get some sleep sometimes then we resume other fun things after a bit of sleep. She understands. It works cause I make it work!!

James Hill Find a way to "cool down" or de-stress. Weather it's a cup of coffee at a diner, TV for a bit when you get home, video games for a little while or a walk. Something where you have time to switch modes properly from CO to mommy/daddy. It's important to find something that works for you ... and you alone, literally. Be by yourself to cool down. 

Maleesa Mat Don't sweat the small stuff. Keep your babies close and tell them you love them everyday. My days off belong to my daughter. When I work I'll do everything in my power to make it home to her.

BruceandGlenda Powers 'ALWAYS' wear gloves when touching anything that belongs to an inmate, you don,t want to take anything home to your family. Treat ALL inmates as though they are infected with something, because the majority are.

Kelly Bisher Electronic Immobilizing Devices are not approved for children under 3.

Tonya Solomon Don't talk about your job at home. Don't compare their behavior to the inmates.

Yariela Guichardo Make the best of your pass days! Make it clear that just because you may not be home as often as you like it doesn't mean you love them any less not is it leverage when they don't get their way.

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