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6 wearables to keep your fitness on track

Here are six fitness devices that can monitor your activity levels when you’re on the move

By C1 Staff

Anyone who has been through military boot camp knows that a bit of firm external motivation can work wonders in helping you remain disciplined. In civilian life, however, there are no Drill Sergeants providing you with the “friendly motivation” you need to keep on track.

Enter: wearable fitness technology.

While there are many options on the market, here are some of the latest devices available to help you remain focused on fitness no matter where you go.

Spire tracker

The new Spire is a motion-sensitive tracker that monitors physical movement, body position and breathing. By measuring breathing patterns and body movement, the tracker also is able to provide feedback on the user’s state of mind.

Consisting of two main parts – a “stone” and clasp – the Spire device is a hypoallergenic wearable clip, constructed from surgical grade stainless steel and measures 14 mm wide, 44 mm long and 3 mm thick. The Spire can be attached to pants, shorts or undergarments and is connected to a smartphone app to provide immediate feedback. Learn more.

Pavlok wristband

Pavlok wristband is a wearable device designed to help the wearer stay on target with fitness and other life goals.

Linked to an app, the device emits a small shock when the user doesn’t meet a predetermined goal or puts forth other penalties such as loss of access to their phone and the payment of small fines.

On the flip side, Pavlok also rewards users for positive behavior. Users can earn prizes or money for accomplishing their goals on time and forming good habits, the company said. Learn more.

Gesture Logic, LEO

Gesture Logic unveiled a new wearable fitness device called LEO. Worn as a band around the upper thigh, LEO is created to optimize a user’s workout while reducing risk of fitness-related injury.

LEO is connected with an iOS/Android app that lets the user customize a workout and understand results of the measurements taken during a workout. The device measures the following: muscle activity, heart rate, hydration levels, fatigue, calories, technique and lactic acid. LEO then takes these measurements and notifies the wearer if anything is off during the workout. Learn more.

LG Electronics Heart Rate Earphones and Lifeband Touch

The Lifeband Touch is a slim activity tracker worn on the wrist that is compatible with certain heart rate monitors and Android smart phones to make keeping track of daily activities simple.

A touch OLED panel displays time, biometrics, incoming calls and music controls. It also can measure distance, speed, steps taken and calories consumed at a projected pace.

The Heart Rate Earphones also measure the user’s heart rate, using PerformTek sensor technology. The Lifeband Touch and earphones can link to each other wirelessly to be used simultaneously. Learn more.


Though it’s not physically attached to your body, this social platform is never far from reach as it comes in the form of a smartphone app. Channeled through an app, the program is designed for those interested in maintaining an active lifestyle both in and out of the military community.

The PumpUp health and fitness platform combines photo sharing, community and fitness coaching and is intended to help users find motivation in achieving fitness goals. PumpUp provides access to activity tracking, customized workouts and personal coaching. Motivational content is viewed through a newsfeed, with the ability to “like” and comment on posts. Learn more.


The FitBit wearable band keeps track of steps taken each day, calories burned and how the user sleeps at night. It only needs to be charged every five days or so and can sync it up to a smartphone or computer for rapid update of daily progress. The band itself is made from a flexible, waterproof material and designed to be worn throughout the entire day. Learn more.