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Gang Codes: The Sci-Fi Cipher

The next time the Empire sends you a code to decipher ... use the Force

The Sci-Fi Cipher doesn’t take us beyond an Outer Limit or to a Twilight Zone, but rather to “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” We will try to use the methods we learned on this planet and in this time, to examine this sample shown in (Illustration #1).

First I examined the document for symbol patterns like individual symbols, that would normally be the English letter “I” or “A” (if the writer is not using texting abbreviations) and double-symbols. I was able to identify the letter “I” and the words “IS” and “IN” and “GOOD” as shown in (Illustration #2).

Further examination also revealed “PS” (Post Script) and “PSS” (Post Script Script) within the message as shown in (Illustration #3).

Having identified this many letters, I was able to create the hand-written symbol template shown in (Illustration #4).

Now it’s time to examine the message we have deciphered as shown in (Illustration #5).

The writer starts the document by explaining in (Illustration #5), that he couldn’t find “a generator online” meaning a computer font generator, but goes on to say he found the “Aurebesh font.” In the second paragraph he seems to be referencing the “Game of Thrones” Book /TV show.

Further research on the “Aurebesh font” revealed that it is the font used in the Star Wars entertainment franchise. This font is shown in (Illustration #6).

As you can now see, the writer used this computer font to write his coded message. Now, in order to decipher and understand codes we need to decipher, you have to be familiar with street slang, prison slang, texting abbreviations and now thanks to the “Sci-Fi Cipher” computer generated fonts. So the next time the Empire sends you a code to decipher ... use the Force.

GS KLIVANS is a gang consultant and lecturer specializing in gang codes.
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