Reality Training: CO beaten by inmate with metal pipe

Video recently released by a Washington prison shows an inmate attacking a corrections officer from behind with a pipe.

In the video, a single corrections officer is seen on his own, unlocking cells. Two inmates sitting at tables are waiting for the officer to turn his back for a moment before one leaps to his feet and begins to beat the officer over the head with a pipe ripped from the sink in his cell.

The officer visibly fails on the floor, unable to get away as the inmate continues to beat him. Eventually, other inmates step in to stop the assault and save the man's life. Later on in the video, when other corrections staff arrive, they chase the perpetrators around on the second floor of a pod for a few moments before finally subduing them.

Take a look at the video and let us know what you think.

  1. What could the institution have done to prevent this tragic incident?
  2. What could the officer have done to prevent this tragic incident?
  3. How could the officer have responded to this assault if he would have seen it coming?
  4. In this incident, why would inmates step in to stop the assault?
  5. What is the danger of using only chemical agents to stop a close quarter, violent prisoner assault?
  6. How would you have responded to this multiple inmate disturbance?

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