Reality Training: Inmate uses battery cover to unlock restraints

Watch how this inmate is able to use a battery cover to undo his restraints

This video was provided by the Chatham County (Savannah, Georgia) Sheriff's Office This inmate is using the metal cover of a AA battery to unlock his restraints, as demonstrated to the staff of the Chatham County S.O. Take a look at the video and then review the discussion questions below.

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  1. When we as correctional officers are searching or escorting inmates, do we ever look to see if the inmate is holding something?
  2. How can an inmate conceal something in his or her hand? 
  3. What “fasteners” can an inmate use to “glue” something to his or her hand?  [Mucous, discarded tape, bodily fluid]
  4. In view of this inmate “skill”, should correctional officers check the folds of an inmate’s jumpsuit, inside the socks, etc. for small pieces of metal?
  5. Hoe effective are correctional officers in making sure that inmates do not keep small pieces of authorized items (such as radio batteries) or are able to pick such items up from the trash or floor?
  6. How is an inmate able to distract correctional officers so he or she can work to pick the lock on the restraints?

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