Miss. county jail gets $100K for repairs after escapes

About $100,000 has been allocated for the jail to fix 140 windows

By C1 Staff

JACKSON, Miss. — After four juvenile offenders escaped from the Hinds County Jail, money is being allocated for the facility to go under repair.

The inmates were able to escape via a broken window, tying together blankets to drop to the ground below. The county board of supervisors questioned prison officials if they knew the window was broken during a meeting Monday, according to WJTV.

About $100,000 has been allocated for the jail to fix 140 windows. It’s unclear why if the jail knew the window was broken that they would place inmates in the cell.

WJTV News Channel 12

The sheriff’s office told a news source that they were aware of the broken window and that a work order was in for its repair, but when a county supervisor checked the work orders, there wasn’t one for the window.

Only three of the four inmates who escaped have been recaptured; the last is 17-year-old Kevin Holmes. The other three were recaptured over the weekend.

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