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Juvenile Offenders

The Juvenile Offenders topic page is a resource for corrections staff on dealing with juveniles, with news and information about everything from assaults at juvenile detention centers to juvenile justice reform.

The lack of security upgrades “is very concerning,” the mayor of Baton Rouge said. “We are dealing with a facility established in 1952, designed to rehabilitate youth for less serious crimes”
The five juveniles turned violent when they attempted to escape the Swanson Center for Youth, a senator said
The CO was beaten from behind by an inmate who manipulated his cell door lock
In the latest incident, a group of six juveniles attacked a staff member, creating an opening for a young man to take the staff member’s keys and then scale a fence
Despite a substantial funding hike, enduring staffing challenges persistent in the state’s juvenile justice system
“The defendant continues to be obsessed with violence and could not stop his obsession even while incarcerated at the jail,” the judge said
“Prolonged and stalled” adjudication, charges that don’t lead to incarceration and delayed transfers to long-term detention lead to overcrowding at the short-term youth detention center
Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center wants to add 26 detention officers and increase pay to combat overtime expenses and reduce officer burnout
Four of the cold, tired teens turned themselves in after the “planned, but poorly planned” escape and five others were captured after a brief car chase
Amanda Brown is accused of giving inmates prohibited items, including a vape pen
In response to riots and assaults at the Department of Juvenile Justice, legislation was passed to increase staff salaries, enhance security, among other measures
The fight began when seven youths assaulted staff and broke an exterior door attached to their living area
To address staffing concerns, the county gave deputy probation officers a 12% raise and authorized bonuses to incentivize working in the juvenile hall
Juveniles currently housed at the country’s largest maximum-security adult prison will be moved to a youth detention facility by late fall
The lawsuit seeks a court order compelling the facility to improve conditions immediately, on the basis of deprivation of their rights under the 14th Amendment