2 COs taken hostage by inmates at Swedish prison

The two convicted murderers were allegedly demanding an escape helicopter — and pizzas

By Sarah Sinning

STOCKHOLM  — Two corrections officers were taken hostage on Wednesday at Hallyby Prison outside Eskilstuna, Sweden, the Associated Press reports.

Two inmates, both serving sentences for murder, broke into a control room soon after midday, covering surveillance cameras and barricading themselves inside with the officers.

The two men were allegedly armed with razor blades.

After initially demanding a helicopter to aid in their escape, the men agreed to release one of the COs on condition that pizzas be delivered to feed the other prisoners from their ward.

Following further negotiation, the remaining officer was released after a nine hour standoff and both inmates were arrested. They now face kidnapping charges.

Neither of the COs were harmed in the incident. 

"We are very grateful for this happy ending in a very serious situation," said acting security chief Jorgen From Nordin. 

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