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CERT and Emergency Preparedness

The Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Emergency Preparedness topic provides news and information for the teams of highly-trained corrections officers tasked with responding to incidents, riots, cell extractions, mass searches, or disturbances in prisons, possibly involving uncooperative or violent inmates.

The BLUETTI portable power station quickly, and quietly, charges radios, smartphones and other devices when other power sources are not available
Risk management expert Gordon Graham details how to combat the five reasons mistakes are made in public safety
Agencies came together for the mock incident at the Greensville Correction Center
Corrections Training
4 Virginia law enforcement and rescue departments completed a quarterly training drill
Howard Holland, acting warden of Chester County Prison, proposed new fencing, ankle monitors for high-risk inmates, more cameras in the facility and establishing a K-9 unit to enhance security
The American Rescue Plan funds allocation will provide every CO with a panic button-equipped portable radio
The test will run Oct. 4 at 2:20 p.m. ET to TVs, radios and cell phones
State troopers leading search for Danelo Cavalcante are confident “we will contain him and we will capture him”
According to the report, “in addition to any potential human failures, staffing shortages and pressures, policy deficiencies and ambiguities, and historical internal practices were chief contributing factors”
Union president for COs jokes that “everything runs off duct tape and band-aids” in the understaffed prison with failing infrastructure
SWAT officers, using “less-than-lethal” ammunition, were able to free the 73-year-old guard two hours after he was taken hostage
Authorities moved 320 inmates as Huntsville firefighters battled a fire at the Walls Prison Unit
Guary Lonnie Shuford III, out on bail for a robbery charge, is accused of shooting Jamila Elysse Moss outside of her apartment
The motive behind the abduction remains under investigation but Corrections Director Jennifer Clemons-Abdullah said one inmate demanded pizza
Before a fire breaks out, corrections staff and firefighters should pre-plan how to respond
The inmate grabbed a knife and took a kitchen employee hostage; A detention officer was able to disarm the inmate quickly and took him back into custody
Inmates who were in single and double cells were moved to a communal setting and about 20 “ringleaders” decided to “stir the pot” in protest
Officers sent a robot into a crawlspace and found signs the suspect was burrowed deep underneath a house
Benjamin Obadiah Foster, 36, died at a hospital, hours after he was taken into custody
A Del. inmate who had served 40 years was resuscitated by Sussex Correctional Institution personnel and local EMTs
Arrestee claims it was improper to use a K-9 to assist in a cell extraction because as a patrol dog, it was not trained or certified in forced cell extraction
Consider these tips to update tactical team training and procedures for barricaded suspects and hostage rescue operations in your jurisdiction
Corrections Training
They are meant for daily and critical decision-making and apply to officers, supervisors and managers in patrol and special operations
Call sheets, mock drills and suspicious package training can help your personnel deal with threats effectively
Police have not said why Reginald Smith, who retired from the CDCR in 2002, shot at police and refused to surrender
The G.L.O.V.E. has contact points on all five fingers that deliver an electrical charge when you touch a specific area of the body
Court documents allege that Colbey Bradley threatened to kill the nurse if the officer didn’t let him go
The four officers worked together to disarm an inmate who had taken a nurse hostage during a medical checkup last summer