Deceased inmate found with wrists and ankles tied raises questions at Ga. jail

The deceased inmate was found dead on the mental health floor of the facility

By Ashley Silver

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A Fulton County jail inmate was found dead recently with his wrists and ankles tied, leading officials to investigate other mysterious occurrences at the Georgia jail.

WSBTV reported the deceased inmate was found on the mental health floor of the facility, and there are still questions surrounding how the inmate was tied up and if it occurred before or after he died.

“Currently, the Atlanta Police Homicide Unit is investigating, not to say it’s a homicide at this time. We really don’t have any clear indication until possibly after an autopsy,” Fulton County Lt. Col. Adam Lee told WSBTV.

According to the news platform, Lee has become frustrated over time waiting for the Atlanta City Council to review overcrowding and staffing issues at the Fulton County Jail. WSBTV reported earlier this month more than 450 inmates in the Fulton County Jail were being forced to sleep in “boats” on the floor. Lee reportedly warned city leaders something like this would happen if a resolve was not put into place.

“If we were able to relieve some of the overcrowding, the staff issue would be seriously diminished,” Lee told the media outlet.

Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat agrees with Lee’s concerns and voiced them to the city council recently.

“I am moving in a space where people’s lives are in danger,” the sheriff told city council members.

An investigation into the most recent death at the Fulton County Jail is still ongoing.

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