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Mark Chamberlain

Mark Chamberlain served as the first chief deputy of corrections for the Garland County Sheriff’s Office in Hot Springs, Arkansas, from 2014 to 2016. Prior to his selection, Mark worked for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in West Palm Beach, Florida, for over 26 years, starting off as a corrections deputy and retiring as a captain/division commander. Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Northwood University and a master’s degree in Public Administration from Barry University. He is a graduate of Class #10 of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Senior Leadership Program and holds instructor certifications in Florida and Arkansas. Mark joined the Lexipol team as a training coordinator in August 2016. He currently serves as director of corrections content for Lexipol.

The stress of prison work contributes to addiction, burnout and even suicide; however, correctional officer mental health often goes unaddressed
COVID-19 put the spotlight on officer recruitment, retention and wellness. The good news is, we have solutions to these issues
Correctional leaders should commit themselves and their staff to apply lessons learned from the challenges of 2020 into policies and emergency planning
While video is key in enhancing facility security, it also carries risks that must be addressed to reduce liability for the agency and its officers
Jails must continue to fill a vital role within the public safety and criminal justice realms while battling the coronavirus
Correctional officer mortality studies have shown that for every officer killed in the line of duty, 10 will take their own lives
We must resist the temptation to let our guard down based upon someone’s custody level, job assignment or even their behavior while incarcerated
If we can predict that some staff may fall victim to manipulation or corruption, then we can put measures in place to help to prevent it
Nearly a quarter of jail suicides occur within the first 24 hours of incarceration