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Correctional Healthcare

This topic provides COs with the latest information about healthcare in the prison system, as well as training and tactics from industry experts on subjects like handling inmate medical record requests and treating inmates before EMS arrives.

There is more than one way to decrease the number of people dying from fentanyl — fentanyl test strips are one of the options to be able to do this
In a concise one-hour course, participants will learn three essential steps to control bleeding
“Given the current drug crisis facing our nation and county, the need for round-the-clock medical attention is more critical than ever,’’ Walker County Sheriff Nick Smith said
An inmate overpowered a CO, grabbed their pepper spray and advanced toward another officer, who then fatally shot the inmate, according to the GBI
A Vierno Center nurse said the staff, and the union, raise safety concerns on a regular basis and that short staffing remains a problem
Elderly inmates pose some special challenges in corrections, including safety issues as well as the physical and mental problems associated with age
YesCare has successfully serviced Kentucky for more than 30 years; adds medical and behavioral healthcare service contract with Louisville Metro Department of Corrections increasing its scope in Bluegrass State
In an ideal future, every officer would be equipped with the tools to not just enforce the law but also protect life in its most vulnerable moments
“Clark County Jail Services wants to ensure anyone leaving the jail, as well as friends, family and community members, are easily able to procure naloxone to reduce death from opioid overdose,” Jail Services Director David Shook said
Real-world data of high-dose naloxone administration by law enforcement officers found no added benefit to opioid overdose patients
RIDUP is a four-month program targeting SUD treatment for inmates, supporting the mental and behavioral needs of participants
Concerns regarding the policies came to light during an OIG investigation of two COs who allegedly failed to do mandatory SHU rounds during or around the time of an assault that resulted in an inmate’s death
The court was also highly critical of an alleged unwritten cost-cutting jail policy that caused delays in sending detainees to the hospital when necessary
The report identifies several operational and managerial deficiencies that created unsafe conditions before and at the time of a number of the deaths
Emails reveal that Wellpath’s trauma costs in Georgia were over double those in other states where it offers prison healthcare
The inmate fled the hospital; police tracked him to a nearby home where he was found deceased
The 55-year-old prisoner, suing as Jane Doe, claims the Georgia Department of Corrections has a ban on providing gender-affirming surgery to transgender inmates
The contact-free system uses radar technology to monitor patients’ vital signs by responding to the tiny vibrations in their bodies created by the movement of their heart and lungs
Michael Anderson pleaded guilty in July to one count of deprivation of civil rights
Corrections is an ever-changing industry, and those changes are most obvious when we look at legal trends
A state corrections spokesperson stated that staffing shortages are exacerbated by the remote locations of many state prisons, which are typically difficult to staff
The deal with a disability rights group, if approved by a judge, requires state prisons to have mental health and medical staff who specialize in gender-affirming care
Detectives suspect the man, who kicked and spit at guards, was “grooming” a nurse by exchanging letters with her
The blend of technology and education aims at equipping inmates with job-ready skills, amid ongoing 40% staff vacancy rate
Allegations made to the civilian oversight board include overflowing toilets, racial insensitivity and lack of sanitation gear for inmates