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Cardio fitness reduces risk of death, disease by nearly 20%, new study finds

Just by boosting your cardiorespiratory fitness by one metabolic equivalent, you can lower your risk of death by 11-17%

By Sarah Roebuck

ADELAIDE, Australia — Regular exercise such as running, cycling or swimming can significantly enhance your lifespan and health, a new study from the University of South Australia found.

A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine reveals some encouraging news: just by boosting your cardiorespiratory fitness — the energy you use while sitting quietly — by one metabolic equivalent, you can lower your risk of death by 11-17%. Even more, you can reduce your chances of heart disease by 18%. So, a little more exercise could go a long way in keeping your heart healthy, according to a University of South Australia news release.

The study brings together 26 systematic reviews with meta-analyses from 199 unique cohort studies, totaling over 20.9 million observations. It explores the connection between cardiorespiratory fitness and health outcomes in adults, providing a detailed look at how our fitness levels can impact our health.

“Clearly, cardiorespiratory fitness is an important factor for good health. If you are already exercising, this is good news; but if you know you need to up your fitness and movement, then this is a timely reminder,” Dr. Justin Lang, lead author from the Public Health Agency of Canada and adjunct professor at UniSA, said.

This study was a collaborative effort involving researchers from the Public Health Agency of Canada, the University of Granada, the University of Ottawa and the University of Northern British Columbia.

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