Police respond to shots fired at Ohio correctional facility

911 caller reports active shooter, further investigation leads to false alarm

By C1 Staff

DAYTON, Ohio — Police responded to reports of an active shooter after a shot was fired at a Dayton correctional facility Wednesday. The call came from inside the probation facility in a secure complex. 

Within minutes, all police officers on duty responded to the scene, where police said at least one round was fired into a probation officer’s window. 

911 dispatchers were called by a security officer inside the probation facility, reporting an active shooter, according to Fox 45. In a 911 call obtained by the publication,the dispatcher can be heard asking “Where are you now?” The caller responded, indicating that “I am underneath the desk in the male control room.” 

Unsure of the shooter’s location, the security officer told the dispatcher: “We don’t-we don’t know. Uh, a probation officer was sitting at his desk and um two minutes ago a bullet appeared to have shot his window.”

Police said the shot appears to have been fired in a secure courtyard, but it is still unclear whether or not the building was targeted or if the shot was a stray bullet.

Dayton Lieutenant Eric Henderson told the publication that in order for the shot to have been taken in the courtyard, “you would likely have to be let in” in order to “gain access.” The 911 caller “basically did the right thing by calling us and taking shelter at that point in time,” said Lt. Henderson. 

There were no injuries, according to the report. 

Dayton police and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation are investigating the incident. A forensics team is working to pinpoint the original location of where the shot came from. 

“This is what we train for, unfortunately, these incidents do occur around the country,” Lt. Henderson told Fox 45. 

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