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Union: Inmate intentionally exposed officers to blood at N.Y. prison

The inmate charged at four COs and as the inmate was being restrained, he bit an officer’s thumb and elbowed a second officer in the stomach before spitting bloody saliva onto another officer


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The Citizen, Auburn, N.Y.

AUBURN, N.Y. — Four officers were injured and three encountered “significant blood exposure” by an inmate at Cayuga Correctional Facility recently, according to the union representing state corrections officers.

The New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association said in a news release Tuesday that a 36-year-old inmate was being housed in a residential rehabilitation unit at the medium security facility in Moravia for previous disciplinary charges. On March 30 , an officer making rounds observed that the cell window was covered. The inmate was given multiple orders to respond and uncover the window, but remained unresponsive.

A response was called and the cell door was opened, the union said, but when staff entered the cell, the inmate charged at them from the shower. An officer armed with a shield pushed the inmate back against the wall. Three officers utilized body holds to force the inmate to the ground as he remained combative, the union continued. He bit one officer on the thumb and elbowed a second officer in the stomach. Staff contained his legs as his arms were forced behind his back and handcuffs were applied. The inmate was then brought to his feet and escorted out of the cell to a holding pen.

During the escort, NYSCOPBA said, the inmate spit bloody saliva onto one officer’s nose and mouth.

The inmate continued to be resistant during the escort, the union said, and spit blood onto another officer’s face and eye. When officers arrived at the holding pen, the inmate was placed inside. The inmate forcefully inserted his bloody finger into an officer’s mouth before being forced to the wall. Leg restraints were applied and once in full restraints, the inmate became compliant.

The three officers who sustained blood exposure were treated at the facility “and it was deemed their exposure was significant,” NYSCOPBA said. They were transported to Cortland Medical Center for treatment. The officers also sustained thumb, shoulder and facial pain and swelling. The officers were treated at the medical center and returned to duty.

The inmate is serving a 20-year sentence after being convicted in 2009 in Erie County for first-degree manslaughter in the beating death of a 15-year-old. He was transferred to Auburn Correctional Facility after the Moravia incident.

In a statement, NYSCOPBA Western Region Vice President Kenny Gold said the inmate “clearly baited the officers to enter the cell with the clear intent on attacking them.”

“The attack at Cayuga highlights the wide variety of dangers officers face every day during encounters with inmates,” Gold said.


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