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Elbeco Launches Uf/x™ Uniforms with Special Effects™

Elbeco Uf/x

Elbeco is innovating uniform technology with a better, more comfortable superpower product line packed with punch! New for this fall are the Uf/x Turtlenecks, Mocks and Dickies. These base layer garments offer the maximum breathable thermal protection available. They help regulate your temperature, keeping you comfortable in all conditions, outdoors and in.

Uf/x - Uniforms with special effects brings current clothing advances to public safety uniforms. Elbeco’s latest base layer product line features X-EEDE™ permanent moisture wicking system with quick-dry capability for maximum comfort and breathability. Uf/x’s thermally insulated provides temperature regulation with permanent anti-odor/anti-microbial technology. The 4-way Powerstretch fabric moves with the wearer, providing comfort under clothing and body armor.

These advanced comfort solutions are available this fall in Turtlenecks, Mock Turtlenecks and Dickies styles.


Elbeco’s new Uf/x comes to market with a stamp of approval from the National Tactical Officers Association, receiving Member Tested Recommended Status. The first performance base layer garments designed specifically for Law Enforcement use, Uf/x received an overall score of 4.38 on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent).

A tester from California commented, “The Elbeco turtle neck shirt is a very good product. I wore this shirt during a few cold evenings in Southern California. This shirt is better used during extreme cold weather such as snow or rain or while on a perimeter for a long period of time. The shirts run very large, but are thin. The seams are stitched extra heavy and are very durable. I washed the shirt a few times and did not notice any fading.”

A tester from Iowa noted U/f/x, “similar to the athletic microfiber garments available on the market but without the compression fit. Being familiar with the compression style shirt, this evaluator found the looser fitting style more desirable. The looser fit and four way stretch material eliminates binding in the shoulders or elbows. The Midwest spring climate provides a wide range of temperatures in a 24-hour period. The Elbeco performance base layer provides insulation and temperature regulation throughout the varying temperatures and environmental conditions.”

“The NTOA Member Tested and Recommended program is a great way to see how products will hold up in all weather conditions. Officers and deputies from all over the country field-test products under real-world conditions. The NTOA seal of approval means that the product has been put through the toughest conditions and stood up to law enforcement!”
- Officer Anderson as seen in The Tactical Edge Spring 2004

The NTOA Product Testing Program provides manufacturers with a process to have their products field test by at least two groups in the law enforcement community, ensuring objectivity. A uniform was issued to each of the testers for them to wear everyday while on duty. Products are rated from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) in numerous categories including design, performance, ease-of-use, size, quality, durability, storage, versatility, convenience, application, comfort and cleaning/maintenance. The NTOA only gives recommended status to products that score 3.0 and higher. A full write-up about the tests for the BasicDuty Uniform will appear in a future issue of The Tactical Edge, the official journal of the NTOA.