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California Police Department Orders Digital Ally Body Cameras with VuVault.Net Cloud Storage Powered by Microsoft Azure & VuLink Body Cam Automatic Recording System


Digital Ally has received an order from a municipal police department in the San Francisco Bay Area for 110 FirstVu HD body-worn camera systems. The order includes the company’s patented VuLink Connectivity Devices to allow the body cams to automatically start recording, and 9 FirstVu HD docking stations, each of which will facilitate the simultaneous transmission of video from up to 12 FirstVu HD systems to Digital Ally’s new VuVault.Net cloud storage solution. The 9 docking stations will allow up to 108 FirstVu HDs to upload audio and video simultaneously to the cloud while the batteries are being charged.

VuVault.Net is powered by Microsoft Azure, which provides redundant and security-enhanced storage of all uploaded videos. The VuVault.Net solution has been in development for approximately one year and has recently been released for delivery to customers. VuVault.Net is designed for law enforcement agencies that wish to store the video generated from their body-worn and in-car video systems in the cloud rather than on local servers.

VuVault.Net provides our customers with the option of using cloud storage or local server storage, depending on the configuration of their IT infrastructure and policies,” continued Ross. “We will continue to provide local storage with our VuVault searchable and archiving back-office software. The ability to meet our customers’ video storage and management needs, whether in the cloud or on local servers, is very important given budgetary constraints facing many agencies and the growing demand for video evidence whenever law enforcement officers interface with the public.”

“Recent events in Ferguson, Missouri have heightened our customers’ concerns that the interests of officers and the public be protected by using body-worn and in-car digital video solutions to provide evidence of what actually happened during events involving law enforcement officers and the public. We have seen a dramatic increase in the number of law enforcement agencies that are testing and evaluating our equipment since the Ferguson incident. At the current time, approximately 1,025 FirstVu HD systems are being tested and evaluated by over 635 law enforcement agencies.”

In response to increasing demands for modular video systems that allow agencies to select from various alternatives compatible with their specific needs, Digital Ally has developed customizable options for customers utilizing its video solutions, including interchangeable camera heads that provide for point-of-view “bullet” mounting (on glasses, hats, lapels, etc.), helmet mounting (for SWAT teams, riot and motorcycle police), and its torso mounting system that attaches to an officer’s shirt or front pocket. VuVault and the new VuVault.Net both offer a complete evidence management solution that allows customers to decide whether to store their video in the cloud or on local servers, and to switch back and forth should they so choose. Digital Ally’s patented VuLink connectivity device allows customers the ability to integrate and synchronize FirstVu HD and in-car video systems by turning on both systems upon the occurrence of certain “triggering events” (e.g., the activation of emergency lights on a police cruiser), thereby eliminating the need for officers to manually start the recording devices.

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