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Uruguay National Traffic Police partner with Reveal and Cambridge University in South America’s first major body worn video study

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50 Body Cameras and Evidence Management Software Have Been Deployed By The Uruguay National Traffic Police to “Provide Greater Support and Security”

LONDON, UK — Uruguay National Traffic Police (UNTF) have partnered with international body camera supplier Reveal and the University of Cambridge to initiate a major study on the effects of using Body Worn Cameras (BWCs) on policing, law enforcement and the criminal justice system as a whole.

50 RS2-X2 body cameras have been supplied by Reveal along with a fully networked, enterprise edition of their award-winning evidence management software, DEMS. Video will be stored on local servers, and the cameras will be mounted using Reveal’s bespoke, robust crocodile clips. This is the first major pilot and study of body worn video in South America.

The study will look at the following:

1) The BWC effect at the interaction between the traffic police and the drivers:
a. Reduce the need to use force against aggressive drivers
b. Reduce the number of complaints filed against traffic patrollers
c. Reduce assaults and injuries of officers

2) How evidence captured on the cameras can be used to enhance criminal justice outcomes:
a. Quality of evidence
b. Harsher sentences when needed
c. Swifter justice
d. Reduced costs

3) Possible effect of BWCs on three additional overlooked outcomes:
a. Training
b. Enhance the self-confidence of patrollers
c. Survey judges

The study will be conducting a randomised controlled trial (RCT), which is known to be the gold standard of evaluation and impact research. No other methodology has the capacity to capture the causal link between the intervention – in this case, BWVs – and any outcome of interest.

The Ministry of Interior have stated “The objectives of our Institution, as part of this experimental process, lie in improving the image of the police in front of citizens, providing greater transparency and legitimacy to police work, affording support for police officers of National Directorate of Traffic Police who often is the subject of aggression, claims or mistreatment.

“The relationship between traffic police and the population often involves hostile situations that can lead to aggression, giving rise to a controversial image of the police force. Thus, our participation in this project calls for the maximum possible reduction of these situations to exalt police work, providing greater support and security to the parties involved. Moreover, the special characteristics of Reveal equipment give us a greater chance of success in this endeavor: they are specially designed for police work, strong and safe working conditions in terms of data protection, with a design that contribute to the compliance of the detailed objectives.

“Finally, although there are other studies in the world designed to meet the same objectives, the one developed in our country is the first in Lationoamèrica and we consider absolutely relevant to visualize its effects on Uruguay particular conditions, generating valuable inputs for possible future applications in other of our police forces.”

Reveal body cameras uniquely feature fully articulated camera heads, front facing screens and an intuitive one touch record button. The front facing screen in particular enhances the deterring nature of the body camera as it allows members of the public to see themselves being recorded in real time. Reveal customers from all over the world have found this specific feature to positively alter the behaviour of people being recorded.

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