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Spillman Technologies Releases New Intelligence-Led Policing Solutions

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Spillman Technologies, Inc., a leading public safety software provider headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, announces the release of two new Intelligence-Led Policing (ILP) and analytics products: Spillman Analytics® and CrimeMonitor®. These new modules are powered by industry-leading integration with BAIR Analytics, an analytical software and services company headquartered in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Through Spillman Analytics, agency personnel from analysts to investigators to patrol officers can visually identify potential crime hotspots on a crime density map, prioritize areas through geographic profiling, and compare activity by performing customizable date range searches. Spillman offers true integration with BAIR Analytics, and Spillman Analytics works within an existing Spillman system, providing a single sign-on, single point of customer support, and the ability to open a full Spillman record directly from the analytics map.

President of BAIR Analytics, Sean Bair, spoke about the tight integration between Spillman and BAIR Analytics.

“Spillman Technologies provides a seamless and totally unique interface to BAIR Analytics, greatly simplifying user implementation and offering a host of key features unavailable through any other source,” said Bair. “Spillman is a highly progressive company that understands the power of predictive analytics in helping agencies prevent, deter, and solve crimes.”

Spillman agencies using the new analytics modules can also improve trust with data accuracy and transparency and reduce information requests by providing public access to CrimeMonitor. Citizens can use their public safety agency’s website or visit to access their community map for a quick and easy analysis on nearby crime activity. It enables to public to visualize crime trends and identify hotspots in their neighborhoods and communities. Citizens can also use this tool to submit anonymous tips and receive neighborhood watch reports.

Detective John Rivera of the Rosenberg Police Department in Rosenberg, Texas – a pilot site for Spillman Analytics – said the agency has used Spillman Analytics to determine crime hot spots and the times of the day crimes are more likely to occur.

“Before, we were just plotting the locations of burglaries and thefts on Google Maps and the man hours that used to go into that are gone,” said Rivera. “It’s a good tool. We were trying to do something similar, but that would take hours out of every detective’s day.”

Additionally, Spillman Analytics can be accessed from an agency’s Spillman mobile suite, enabling crime analysis and response in the field.

“Everybody likes it, from officers to command,” Rivera continued. “The officers have the ability to look up [Spillman Analytics] from their cars. We’re trying to train them to check it more because if there’s a trend that is occurring on their shift, they can develop a plan within their own shifts.”

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