EFJ, Inc. Adds 380 MHz Capability to Repeaters

EFJohnson Subsidiary is Shipping 380 MHz for Federal Users

Irving, TX - EFJ, Inc. (NASDAQ: EFJI) announced today that its EFJohnson subsidiary has added the 380 MHz UHF frequency band capability to its 2600 Series Repeater/Base Station and 3800 Series Repeaters.

"The 380 MHz range on the UHF frequency band is used by first responders in the Federal government," said Michael E. Jalbert, chairman and chief executive officer of EFJ, Inc. "Adding this capability to our repeaters gives us a stronger systems offering and will enable us to better serve our customers. Our 380 MHz portfolio is now complete."

This capability has been added to the EFJohnson product catalog, which is available for download via the home page of the company website.

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