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Va. DOC hosts hostage rescue training drill

Agencies came together for the mock incident at the Greensville Correction Center

By Greg Friese

RICHMOND, Va. — The Virginia Department of Corrections, Virginia State Police, Greensville County Sheriff’s Office and Greensville County Fire and Emergency Services completed a mock hostage training at the Greensville Correctional Center.

The drill, conducted on Dec. 6, included a mock hostage situation, hostage negotiation tactics and breach and rescue simulations.

“Drills like this demonstrate the importance of cooperation between other state agencies and localities,” said Chad Dotson, VADOC director. “You hope that these types of situations never happen, but our agencies are continuously training and refining our techniques to make sure we are always prepared.”

In addition to the participating law enforcement and rescue departments, the drill was observed by elected officials, local and state law enforcement leaders and state administrators from Public Safety and Homeland Security, Virginia State Police and the Virginia Department of Corrections.

The VADOC appreciates the support and participation of other agencies in the drill.