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Sirchie announces new narcotics disposal solution for law enforcement

Sirchie, Inc. announces the release of NARKsafe™ NDA (Narcotic Disposal Agent), a drug disposal solution that enables the on-site disposal of drug evidence by law
enforcement officials. This patent-pending solution is cost-effective, easy-to-use and renders drug evidence unusable in a sequestered, viscous gel that can be safely thrown into the regular trash.

NARKsafe NDA fits the very specific needs of small to medium-sized police departments that do not own or have limited access to an incinerator or similar disposal method for drug evidence. These departments hold on to drug evidence from smaller cases that were adjudicated until they have a large enough quantity of drugs to dispose of via incineration.

During the time when drugs are accumulating for disposal, police departments must inventory and keep all drugs secured until they have enough to meet the minimum destruction requirements for disposal facilities. Additionally, officers are required to accompany and protect the drugs in transit and until they are destroyed off-site.

“We believe NARKsafe NDA is the future of drug disposal for small to medium-sized police departments,” stated Dyer Bennett, Vice President of Product Development for Sirchie. “We evaluated multiple drug disposal solutions and selected the DisposeRx product contained in NARKsafe NDA because it is the most complete, effective and proven site-of-use solution on the market today.”

Each NARKsafe NDA packet contains non-toxic ingredients that form a solidifying gel of cross-linking polymers to sequester and render unusable, drugs in powder, pill, tablet, capsule, or liquid form. It’s the most effective, convenient, environmentally-friendly and affordable drug disposal solution available for the on-site disposal of small amounts of drug evidence. Additionally, NARKsafe NDA removes the inconvenience and cost of taking drugs off-premise for disposal.

The science behind Narksafe NDA has undergone extensive, independent third-party testing including tests on retrievability, extractability, toxicity characteristic leaching procedure and hazardous waste screening to ensure that it is effective and environmentally friendly.

NarkSafe NDA will be sold in a single use kit exclusively through Sirchie, Inc.

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