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Armor Holdings Promotes More Diversification for Armor Accessories with Blue Wonder™ Gun Care

JACKSONVILLE, FL - Armor Accessories, a unit the Armor Holdings Products Division, announced today that it has kicked off 2005 with an exciting sales and marketing alliance with Blue Wonder™ Gun Care, a Novum Solutions, Inc. company. As part of the agreement, Armor Accessories will promote Blue Wonder™ Gun Care Products through its network of dealers and distributors in the sporting goods market

“We recognize that Blue Wonder™ is a distinctive brand with outstanding products,” stated Charles Ricci, General Manager, Armor Accessories. “Augmenting our already strong array of firearm cleaning and lubrication products with Blue Wonder™ gives us one of the strongest lines of firearms cleaning and maintenance products in the industry.”

Ken Gibbs, President of Novum Solutions added, “This really puts the Blue Wonder™ line in the big leagues. Armor Accessories has a history of developing multiple brands, like Break-Free®, Speedfeed®, B-Square®, and the recently acquired Kleen-Bore. We’re proud to bring Blue Wonder™ to the mass market through Armor Accessories.”

About Armor Accessories
Armor Accessories is a part of the Armor Holdings Products Division supporting serious hunters and shooters worldwide. Its products include B-Square® scope mounts and shooting accessories; Break-Free® firearm cleaners and lubricants; SpeedFeed® shotgun stocks and accessories and Kleen-Bore firearm cleaning supplies.

About Armor Holdings
Armor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: AH) is a diversified manufacturer of branded products for the military, law enforcement and personnel safety markets. The Armor Holdings Products Division, Armor Mobile Security Division and Aerospace and Defense Group provide products such as body armor, less-lethal munitions, officer duty gear, armoring for vehicles and crashworthy aircraft seating. Additional information about the Company can be found at