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Extreme Shock Receives Praise from Military Police Major

Extreme Shock recently received the testimonial below from a spectator at a live-fire demonstration.

Dated 6/12/2009

To who it may concern,

On 10 June 2009, members of the Law Enforcement community and Military service personnel current and former from the surrounding area of Southwest Virginia were priviliged to observe a live fire exercise demonstration of the Extreme Shock Ammunition product line. These technologically advanced rounds were designed for Police and Military use. For our observation the rounds were employed against steel silhouettes and ballistic gel targets to demonstrate the effectiveness of each round in a variety of calibers, starting with the 9 millimeter then moving on to the 40 caliber handgun rounds. From this point the 223 308 and 50 caliber BIG rifle rounds were demonstrated on the same type of targets. The company also demonstrated a 12 gage shotgun round used for breeching purposes that in my opinion is superior to the slug rounds currently in use. In every instance all rounds fired met or exceeded our expectations. We were most impressed with the safety factors built into the ammunition to prevent ricochet, as well as the round’s ability to stay inside the target - passing 100% of the kinetic energey into the intended target.

As a trained Military Police it is my expert opinion that these are indeed the best-engineered tactical rounds I have ever seen. The rounds by design and in the hands of qualified marksmen have the ability to stop the assailant with one well-placed shot. This in itself limits liability to the public and adds to the safety of the officers involved in law enforcement and military situations. The ammunition by design enhances the ability of law enforcement to subdue armed assailants with limited collateral damage - an additional safety factor to the general public while offering superior firepower to officers in the field. Extreme Shock produces a variety of calibers for differt applications for police and military use, and civilian rounds used for game hunting. In my opinion these are a superior round in comparison to any lead based ammunition currently in service today.


Rober L. Lambert Major
Military Police Corp USA

About Extreme Shock:
Extreme Shock™ is the safest, most technologically advanced small arms ammunition produced in the world. Extreme Shock offers superior performance with enhanced safety features that greatly exceed that of lead core ammunition. The reduced over-penetration and reduced ricochet characteristics of Extreme Shock are nothing less than revolutionary. Call 877-337-6772 or visit for more information, to order online, or to find a local dealer.