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Arizona Desert Ironwood Co. (ADI) Develops Superior Desert Ironwood Baton

Glendale, Arizona - Arizona Desert Ironwood Co, a leading online retailer of rare desert ironwood knife handle material, is now manufacturing a hand finished Ironwood Billy Club, baton or nightstick. The Ironwood Billy is made from the finest Arizona desert ironwood stock available, which is the hardest, heaviest and most stable wood in North America. The baton comes in a traditional style in standard lengths of 12 to 20 inches long. The shorter sizes are ideal for close quarter combat because they are compact, heavy and extremely hard. Aside from a solid iron pipe, the Ironwood Billy can easily break through the side windows of an automobile with a firm strike.

The Ironwood Billy is not only highly functional and durable, but it is extremely beautiful as well. One of the major draws to desert ironwood is its finishing potential and chatoyance: properties also found in cats eye stone. Unlike other hardwood batons, desert ironwood batons are unique in color and come in mixtures of gold, yellow and black. Samples are provided on their website (see URL below). Desert ironwood is also incredibly stable; non-porous, and will not warp or crack over climate change or time like other exotic hardwoods. Desert ironwood’s natural attributes make the Ironwood Billy ideal for use in battle and beautiful enough for show, gift or collection. Many people have purchased the Ironwood Billy simply to because they want a beautiful finished product made from genuine Arizona desert ironwood.

About Arizona Desert Ironwood Co.
ADI is a small Arizona company that is well known among custom knife makers from around the world for its extremely rare and beautiful desert ironwood burl knife handle material. Robert Bradley, the founder of ADI, began working with desert ironwood in 1987 in Vail, Arizona. He worked as a sawyer for Desert Hardwood industries for four years, milling mostly furniture grade mesquite, and on occasion, desert ironwood lumber. In 1991, Bradley purchased and operated the sawmill for 4 additional years while pursuing his business degree at the University of Arizona. He sold Desert Hardwoods in 1995 and started a new hobby company, ADI: specializing exclusively in ironwood burl handle material. In 2003, Bradley obtained his MBA in International Management from Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Management and is now devoted full time to managing and operating the ironwood business.

To learn more about Arizona Desert Ironwood and the Ironwood Billy, visit ADI online at or call Robert at 623-979-6969.

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