Video: Escaped felon TASERed after resisting arrest, fighting cops

Two police officers were injured in the altercation

By C1 Staff

ATHENS, Ga. — Two officers were injured during a fight with an escaped felon resisting arrest. 

According to the Athens Banner-Herald, an employee called police after spotting Marvin Terrell Taylor, 43, in the store Tuesday . 

Taylor was previously arrested and charged with felony theft by shoplifting in 2016. Police issued a felony escape warrant for Taylor when he didn’t return to his work release program, Fox 5 reported.  

When Lt. Christopher Nichols approached Taylor at the store, Taylor fled and SPO Gregory Gilchrist deployed his TASER. Taylor continued to flee until he was apprehended by Gilchrist. When officers tried to arrest Taylor he “physically began to fight,” police spokesman Epifanio Rodriguez said.

Nichols fractured his finger and Gilchrist injured his right elbow. They are recovering at home.

Taylor is charged with theft by shoplifting, obstruction of an enforcement officer and was served with the felony escape warrant that had been issued by the Georgia Department of Corrections.

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